Tahooo! Coffee Bundle


Make your morning better with this And A Half x Type A Taho Milk Mixer. This non-dairy milk mixer is sweetened with arnibal and is best drank with Type A Cold Brew. ☀️ Done with your bottle? Swap them with Type A and get P50 off your 2nd order.

All purchases of this product will be made in the Type A shop. Orders will follow Type A’s delivery schedule.

Made together with Type A.

Tahooo! Soy Milk Mixer (325 mL)
Buguias Cold Brew Concentrate (200mL)
Limited Edition

Preparation Instructions:
  • Shake your Taho Milk Mixer well!
  • Fill a glass with ice.
  • Pour Taho Milk Mixer over ice and enjoy!
  • For Taho Latte: We recommend mixing 3 parts of Taho Milk Mixer for every 1 part of Buguias Cold Brew, but feel free to play with your ratios to get the balance of flavors you like!

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